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A Holy Trek to Hell


Parithranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam dharma samsthapanarthayam sambavami yuge yuge.   How true!

kedaranathIn this kali yugam the Gods will be angry and will punish all those who commit sins and forget the creator in the pursuit of wealth and worldly pleasures.  Over the years millions of people trek the Himalayas to reach the abode of the Gods to pray Lord Shiva for their welfare and wash away their sins.   Our scriptures say that Lord Shiva presides over the destiny of human beings seated in Mount Kailas.  Thousands of men women and their children walk miles through treacherous terrains to reach the sacred shrines unmindful of the dangers lurking en route.  But in the throngs there are many who undertake the journey for the sheer pleasure and adventure.  The total lack of devotion and piety among them has angered the gods and they are punished.

In the present tragedy thousands of people made the long trip to Kedarnath and other holy shrines but met with their end at the hands of Nature.   Heart rending stories are appearing daily and thousands are either dead or missing.  Relief measures on a massive scale has been undertaken to save as many lives as possible.  But will this tragedy put a break to the ever increasing of pilgrims in the coming years only God can tell!This should serve as a wakeup call to the Government agencies of the need to provide all safeguards to the pilgrims in future.

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  1. Sabeshan

    I would actually venture to say that it is the gross inefficiency and lack of care to public needs and infrastructure on the part of the government that has allowed this tragedy to occur. Why the government never saw in its wisdom to conduct a disaster scenario analysis of the pilgrimage area is baffling. After all, this is a place where hundreds of thousands of people throng for the annual pilgrimage and yet there doesn’t appear to be a disaster mitigation plan put in place by our so-called government which inevitably resulted in so many lives needlessly lost.