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A Monumental Effort


The prodigious run machine scaled new heights in his illustrious career when he accomplished the hitherto uncharted pinnacle in limited overs cricket to reach the magic figure of a double century without being dismissed.  In the annals of cricketing history the feat has not been accomplished by cricketers of any hue. Hail the phenomenon that is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar the golden man of cricket.

The 35 year old betrayed no signs of  lethargy or tiredness and gave absolutely no chance to the poor South Africans in his magnificent stay at the wicket for all of the India innings spanning 50 overs
His has been the story of accomplishments all through his over 20 years of cricket career.  He has no more mountains to climb and no records to be broken.  Holder of massive scores in both tests and ODIs he also holds the record of maximum of centuries in either form of cricket.  A century of centuries is within his grasp.  His commitment to the game has not diminished even once from the time of his entry to the competitive cricket right from the day he made a record six hundred and odd runs when still in school in the company of Vinod Kambli.   His superhuman efforts either in batting or bowling or fielding is legendary.

In the recent first ODI Tendulkar's spectacular sliding save of a boundary put the brakes on the rival's march to victory as they needed just four runs in the last over of the day.  They lost the match by one run thanks to his never say die spirit .

Hail the greatest batsman in the history of cricket. Hail Sachin Tendulkar.



  1. Supriya Sundar

    Daddy, I don’t follow cricket any longer, but I totally agree with you, he is a legend and has never given up in the 20 years of his cricketing life.. Can’t believe he is still as great as he was then.. 🙂

  2. Sriram

    Hi Daddy,
    I’ve been following all your posts, but this is the first time I’ve ventured to comment. There has been plenty written about Sachin Tendulkar after his achievement recently, and he has rightfully received worldwide appreciation. While none of this is in question, I would like to disagree on one statement of yours -he has no more mountains to climb-. One of the mountains as you have touched upon is the century of international centuries, and it is only befitting that he should be the first (and possibly only) cricketer to achieve this. The other mountain may have slipped your mind.. that currently scaled by the other great.. Brian Lara. The difference between Sachin’s highest test score and the world record held by Lara is huge (248* vs 401*) This, in my opinion is the final mountain, and then Sachin can claim complete domination.