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Acquire and Spread Knowledge


Man in search for perfection is constantly trying to improve his capabilities mental and physical. From his early age he is acquiring more skills and perfecting the same by all means possible. This is done by constant reading and interaction with other human beings in order that he can expand his horizon in different directions. This is a continuous process lasting a life time. One will legitimately wonder if all that acquiring knowledge and skills will serve any purpose when at the end of one's life it will all be buried with the mortal remains of the person.

Exceptional men and women after acquiring knowledge will not let it go waste. They would pass on the knowledge by writing books and by imparting such accumulated knowledge to others by teaching in order that such skills learnt will spread widely. Works of great men and women will thus live eternally benefiting mankind. Thus the legacy left behind will not be lost to mankind. However there is a vast ocean of knowledge yet to be explored and recorded for posterity. It is the responsibility of such of those who are engaged in the pursuit of knowledge to leave behind such knowledge as they discover for the good of humanity to reap the benefit of such discoveries. An Albert Einstein, a William Graham Bell, a Madame Marie Curie and innumerable others who toiled hard to discover the hidden truths of science recorded them for posterity but for whose efforts the humanity will still be in the dark ages.

Reading keeps the mind alert. It also stimulates the thought process. It is therefore the bounden duty of the young men and women to cultivate the habit of reading. If they are creative enough translate their thoughts into written words to the benefit of man.

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