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Nirbhaya And After

In recent times the nation’s media is being flooded with reports of an increase in incidents of rape and killings of helpless women from every nook of the country.  It also brings out large scale awareness of the educated class, young and old alike to the helpless condition of the women who suffer at the […]


A Holy Trek to Hell

Parithranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam dharma samsthapanarthayam sambavami yuge yuge.   How true! In this kali yugam the Gods will be angry and will punish all those who commit sins and forget the creator in the pursuit of wealth and worldly pleasures.  Over the years millions of people trek the Himalayas to reach the abode […]


The Swami and the “Friends”

A raging controversy in the Internet, Press and in conversations about the so called indiscretions  of Swami Nithyananda is going on these days.  For those not familiar with the Swami he is a young sanyasin well versed in sanatana dharma who is also an erudite scholar.  I  came to know of him through the columns […]