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Cricket will never see the like of him again. He climbs mountains after mountains, reaches peaks and more peaks yet his hunger is insatiable.  With the records galore in his bag he added one more last week to place himself beyond the reach of any contemporary cricketer now or perhaps for ever. The Pontings, the Kallis’s are miles behind him in the race and may run out breathless way behind him by the time any of them feel enough is enough and hang up their gloves.

After a harrowing wait extending to almost a year (not that he is incapable of achieving the feat) which saw many of his efforts nipped in the eighties and nineties,  he crowned himself the undisputed king of the willow in the recently concluded Asian Cup Championships by chalking up a century which brought him the coveted Century of Centuries. He is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Now a sprightly 38 year old he has not lost the fire of a young man half his age in his quest for runs and more runs.  He will continue to thrill thousands of his admirers where ever the game is played. For him there appears to be no frontiers to cross or mountains to climb.  But his hunger will never be quelled as he is not the one to rest on his oars.



  1. Balakrishnan G

    Probably,, there may be one more record that he would strive to achieve.. that of the first father-son cricketing pair to play in an international match.. :P.. Jokes Apart, Sachin Tendulkar is truly the God of Cricket..

  2. Ambika

    Yes Daddy!!! Sachin is certainly an irreplaceable gem in the world of cricket.. Kudos to him on achieving the grand century and making us all proud.. Like you say hope he continues to make such grand record breaking scores..

  3. Sabeshan

    Sachin is inarguably a cricketing legend that we are lucky to witness. Even if he has been accused of focusing on amassing personal records, his massive contribution to Indian cricket wins cannot be denied at all.