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Elixir of a writer


For a professional writer it takes only a few minutes to get into that mood when his fingers start itching to put a pen to paper or to get that keyboard moving to create a world of his own with an assortment of characters. The characters could be someone the writer had occasion to interact with or could be fictional.  But to shape them into characters one can associate with requires the fertile imagination of a writer who may have had personal experience of the behavior of these characters or situations.  Added with the mastery of words he can command he could churn out a short story or a novel that could become a masterpiece. Many believe that there should be a basic plot around which one can weave a story with the embellishments from the writers' own imagination. But there are a few writers who can develop a story as they go along and create a classic.


There is a belief that to be a writer you must have certain inborn qualifications besides a desire to write.  A college degree or a mastery of the medium of the language you are using to express yourself is what you may think is the basic requirement.  But while it helps get one's thought process started it is the play of emotions in one's mind that conjures up situations that eventually build the core and substance of the story. A writer therefore must have the innate ability to visualise the whole picture that will evolve at the end.  Some writers take a long build up to bring out what they conjure up but others do it with little deliberation.


To write a political essay requires the ability to analyse the material available to deliberate upon the subject at length but also the in depth knowledge of what is the ultimate picture that will emerge.  The subject dealt with can be controversial and will be debated upon and unless you are sure of the basic premise upon which you have built up the article you stand the risk of losing your credibility.


Finally the feelings of elation and satisfaction when your see your efforts in print can only be felt and cannot be described.  That is ultimately the writers' reward.




  1. Supriya

    And you are one of those fantastic writers.. I have always been in awe of your writing ability… Great one Daddy 🙂

  2. Shubha

    Do count me in your fans’ list Thatha..
    For one, this is a nice write-up too; citing what you wrote: -Some writers take a long build up to bring out what they conjure up but others do it with little deliberation-, I would like to confess here that I think I manage to write (type) better than I speak (thanks to backspace)….cant rapidly think of appropriate but at the same time more polished synonyms when I speak..

  3. Sabeshan

    Very well-written, Daddu! I have always admired your writing and your choice of words! I think you have a gift with words and you are able to express your thoughts so lucidly. As Shubha has said, the article applies completely to your writing abilities!

  4. Raji

    A nice write up Daddu.The line where you say that a writer conjures up a character either out of his imagination or relates to someone he has met,immediately brought me memories of how you have churned out interesting stories from characters whom you have just observed and never even interacted with.Remember the story on the roadside beggar outside Chettiar’s shop at Bangalore,then the story on Saroja,the mad lady sweeping streets at Chennai.Really Daddu,you have such great talent of making such otherwise drab characters some sort of heroes in your ever so intersting tales.Thank you Daddu for giving all of us so many interesting and inspiring pieces.

  5. Ambika

    I completely agree with everybody’s opinion here that you are one of the best writers that we know Daddu.. I’ve always loved your style and class of writing.. It’s almost like you spin such wonderful stories and articles out of thin air.. You are such a remarkable writer and I hope I can get at least somewhere close to writing like you someday 🙂 We consider you to be our -guru-.. Waiting for the time when you’re going to start releasing novels like J.K.Rowling.. Hoping we may soon see that day 🙂