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Evening Years


Most of my friends and close relatives ask me when I talk to them or write to them the oft repeated question:  How are you and how is your health?  Quite innocuous or legitimate. It shows their concern for you. But the query turns rather ominous when you realise that you are in the early eighties and at the fag end of your well lived life.  It is but natural that your loving children or relatives must be concerned about your health. But the question uppermost in the mind of the object of their inquisitive enquiries is whether he feels a little apprehensive about the state of his health.  It will be worthwhile if we ponder a little over the state of his mind.


The tragedy of old age stems from the fact an ageing individual misses or longs for the various advantages of youth: an active life, physical strength, acuity of the senses, the challenge of a new career, romance, security and friendships – attributes he once possessed.  He cannot help but contrast the illusions and advantages of youth with the drawbacks and disenchantments  of old age.  With old age comes irritability, boredom,loneliness, depression and an inferiority complex.  This with the loss of independence or increasing dependability on others and (in some) the added misery and torture of a bedridden or chair bound existence completes the picture.


One of the major catastrophes of old age is the hurdle of retirement or withdrawals from one's work, occupation,profession or active life.  In many cases this literally amounts to a complete break with the world resulting in loneliness, solitude and seclusion.   There are some individuals, however, who look forward to the -privacy- of retirement and an ability to indulge in various hobbies and amusements or a literary life, outlets which they have been looking forward to for years during their period of employment or activity.


The setting in of old age is not a curse if one chalks out a plan to use his leisure actively and enjoy the activities indulged in.  I for one enjoy enormously the opportunity it gives me to catch up reading great works of literature and classics which I missed in my working life. It also gives you an opportunity to indulge in other pleasures like writing and listening to great music which you had enjoyed in your younger life and which brings back pleasant memories of times gone by. 


Barring physical ailments the evening years of your life can be full of pleasant reveries.



  1. Supriya Sundar

    Daddy, another brilliant post.

    I loved the ending which left a positive tinge to the article 🙂

  2. Ambika

    A nice post Daddy.. It clearly defines the physical and emotional accompaniments of old age.. Like Supriya mentioned, I like the positive note at the end of the write-up too..

  3. Balakrishnan G

    Sunset is best enjoyed when one stops worrying about the darkness that is to follow. The darkness is inevitable. Worrying about it is not going to change the destiny.

  4. Raji

    Daddu,an inspiring write up.When I started reading the article ,I was so very curious on how you would end it ,that I even skipped a few middle lines and jumped to the end.I was really happy that you gave the article such an optimistic and positive ending.I am really proud of you for spending your retirement days with so much of literary activity,which is a great blessing for all of us.Thank you very much and looking forward to many more of such awe inspiring write-ups.

  5. sharadha

    Though not late, I enjoy reading all your article. Most of which is coming up with your experience in life and a lesson to all of us. This write gives me the strength to look forward to my old age and how enjoy life. You are our inspiration Daddu.

  6. Sabeshan

    Agree with Balu, although it is human nature to ponder on such deep matters. It is definitely a blessing that God has provided you so many outlets to keep your mind occupied. As long as you focus more on the positives, life will definitely be enjoyable as you put it in the closing line!