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Exercising my memories


Words have always fascinated me.  It is reported that the English language has banked over a million words and continues growing!   For nearly four score years I have been romancing with the English language, learning  a clutch of new words every day and try using them in conversations or writing.  This way I developed a love for writing so that I may put the newly learned words to good use.  When I read a book or magazine article or even the daily newspaper I fancy the style more than the content so that  in a different context I may replicate the style. At this stage in my life memory plays a big part in sustaining my eagerness to learn more words.  Instances of my familiarity for a particluar set of words or their usage gets blurred and I have difficulty to  bring them out from the recesses of my mind.   I try a few innovative methods to remember the words, names etc. and succeed in most cases to recollect.  If I have to get a word or name I work out the the source of the same by running the through the alphabet to reach the appropriate word.  It is a tough procedure but it is one way to trace the particular word or name from memory.  And it has worked in nine out of ten.  My friends say that my memory functions much better than of many others of my age.


  1. Supriya Sundar

    This is a brilliant writeup Daddy.. Actually to be honest I still have to think for a while before I find the word that I want to use somewhere. So what your friends say is absolutely true(touchwood). But I still remember and use the words you have taught me as a kid.. and I even recollect the situations that you introduced me to those words.. Even the words bring back lovely memories.. 🙂

  2. Balakrishnan. G

    @ Supriya 🙂

    @ Daddy

    your fascination and romance with the English Vocabulary has been inherited by me. (I think)