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Face to Face with Death


The other day I came across the news that one of my ex colleagues passed away because of age related problems.  This kind of news is quite familiar to me the only difference being is that these days I have started to make a note of them. In many instances I have lost a dear friend, some of them much younger to me.  I realise that I need to shed no tears for those who have passed away.  Over the last few years I have lost countless number of them with whom I had shared some wonderful moments.  I can not imagine when it would be one's  turn.
All these thoughts came rushing in my mind when one  morning I woke up recalling a dream.  The story  went like this.  I was cycling around the town when I saw a small gathering squatted on the ground in an open space waiting for some important leader to speak.  Seeing a good friend of mine squatting I moved closer to him and  exchanged some pleasantries.  Among the people sitting around I was particularly drawn to one pleasant looking young man of about 25 who was rather silent and kept to himself.  Then I saw a couple of men who appeared to be policemen in mufti going round the crowd as a security measure.  When they came to the spot I was seated, this young man appeared scared and nervous.All of  a sudden,  he stood up and whipping out a revolver he looked around. When he looked down at me all the blood drained out of my face. I was terrified  when the young man pointed the gun at me, drew the trigger and fired three bullets at my neck and face. I woke up with a jolt perspiring all over.
This set me thinking. I wonder how it would be like when you come face to face the day when you have to say adieu to this world.  Barring accidents I believe you just slip away to a state of unconsciousness.  This will be akin to slipping to a stage of coma. I wonder if any one who has gone through and come out of coma is able to recount what he has gone through.  There is another theory that when you die all the umpteen number of functions ceases just as a machine or a clock stops when the driving power ends.  It would be a wonderful experience if you can really call that an experience.
I have tried to imagine what would be one's thoughts when the moment arrives.  It will be the end of one's romance with this life,  its varied ups and downs, the likes and dislikes, the happy times you spent with friends and dear ones and the final good bye.  I believe the person concerned will be the happiest one if he could convey the feelings at all.



  1. Sabeshan

    Deeply thought-over piece. It was really moving to read your thought process. However, I think you should take heart in the fact you have so many around you who love you so despite the occasional heartbreaking news of friend passing away, you still have so much in life to look forward to!

  2. Ambika Sabeshan

    Nice one, Daddy.. It causes one to do some deep thinking about life and how valuable it is..

  3. sharadha ganapathy

    Daddu as we grow old may be we expect to undergo this experience what you have mentioned and sometimes it may be frightful but it should be a heavenly moment when this happens to everyone— the article filled my eyes with tears

  4. Sriram

    Daddy, this is the eternal question that has been asked by all alike. Every religion speaks of this in different ways. Is it really like a shining light at the end of the tunnel, is it the -out of body- experiences, is it, as you mention the gradual drifting away, floating away from the mortal shell? There have been numerous accounts of people having such -near-death- experiences. It is also natural for people to start contemplating the final sleep as they grow older. This is truly a moving account.