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Faith and its Values


Faith is a flexible part of man's mental make up.  It is an elementary ingredient in human develpoment in its evolution.  Man has shaped his life by imbibing qualities of mind that have helped to create environments for sustaining his life.   They say faith can move mountains and this is not far from truth.


Faith comes in a variety of ways like faith in one's creator, faith in family, religion and country.  Faith also in his own ability to achieve great things in life. To abide by one's faith in the creator is to acknowledge one's debt to the Lord who created us for fulfillment of certain duties in this world.  He gave us a form and mind so vastly superior to that of other living things.  He gave us the capacity to think and act in a way that helps to fashion a kind of life that brings happiness to all.  One should have faith in one's family for the efforts and sacrifices they make so that one's life is full of happiness and goodness.If you have no faith in your family you will not reach the goals in your life.  Parental care is absolutely essential for the proper growth.  Then you have to have an abiding faith in your religion and the great teachings one is heir to. Without this faith one will be living without an aim and purpose in life. By following the teachings of a great many religious leaders one can better one's life and find true happiness.  Then finally we should have faith in our country. This is where we belong and in its prosperity we would prosper as well.  One without faith will drift in life and be more a burden to humanity and fellow beings.


  1. Supriya Sundar

    Nice One..Very Thought Provoking Daddy 🙂

  2. Ambika

    You’ve touched upon such a simple topic but it kindles quite some deep thought. Faith in family, religion and the country is such an important part of our lives. A very nice write-up!