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-Viswanathan Anand crowned World Chess Champion again- – so ran the newspaper heading. What the heading did not reveal is the amount of hard work, hours of study and of concentration and preparation that went to this denouement.  For thirty years or more Anand has remained highly concentrated winning laurels at every stage of evolution in his chosen field.
The game of chess is a mind game.  It challenges the powers of concentration.  The mind is put to severe tests in a continuous struggle with the King, Queen, Bishop and the pawns.  It calls for sharpness of mind and brain to outwit  opponents of same calibre or more. From the age of five Anand has continuously put to test his mind to conquer the world of chess.  He has outwitted champions from all over the world and has come out with flying colours.  He is truly a genius.  He is getting better and better as he ages like good wine.
The game of chess does not call for  any physical prowess but puts a severe test on  mind.  To come out successful is truly monumental.   A human mind is capable of conquering the peak but ordinary mortals choose not to put their minds to such tests.  There can be only a few who succeed.
Viswanathan Anand is truly the gift of God to humanity just as the other icon Sachin Tendulkar is.   India can be proud of producing such brilliant minds in modern times.

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  1. Ambika

    Daddy, I remember how you used to teach us the intricacies of the chess game while we were young. The game of chess is a truly challenging game and builds mind strength. Vishwathan Anand, who has been the world leader in chess for such a long period of time is certainly an asset to our nation.