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Fear and Pain


Man is born with a number of infirmities which scourge him in his life. Fear and Pain are the main ones.

We are not all immortals. We shed the mortal remains at some stage in life or the other.  The human being consists of soul (Atman) and sariram (Body).  While the soul takes care of our mental needs the body takes care of our physical life in this world.

Our ancestors have believed that the soul being indestructible lives on forever after the body is dead. When a person dies, the soul is supposed to have left the body and find a different abode. We grieve for the dead person although it is merely shedding the body which would have outlived its existence.  It is the soul that is everlasting and continues on its everlasting journey through Time.

During the life time a person undergoes various vicissitudes and he has to wade through them for a complete fulfillment of life.  It is in the course of the journey that he experiences various emotions such as joy, happiness, pain and fear.  It is the mind that dictates these emotions but is felt by the soul and body.

Pain is inborn in the system and it is only the absence of pain which gives the other emotions to play. When you feel pain the body takes the full impact. The intensity of pain varies in different situations and one who really understands the need to overcome the pain will need to suffer the same in various forms.  Thus when the child hurts himself and gets injured he experiences pain which he will soon forget.  When you get hurt in an accident you experience pain in various degrees but after a while you overcome it.  When someone close to you dies you feel intense pain but you have to carry on living.  These are emotional pains and physical pains.  Physical pains can be surmounted by modern medical system to a large extent but emotional pain has to be lived through.

Fear of the unknown like the loss of one’s beloved, a failure in ones’ cherished dreams, failure in health and eventual suffering and fear of death ultimately are dictated emotionally by the mind. Human beings live in an emotion filled life and find it hard to overcome them.  Fear can be surmounted by turning philosophical and by prayers.  The teachings of our ancestors to live a life dedicated to the eternal being will alleviate our sufferings to lead a peaceful life.  After all when you take birth in this world, death is certain eventually.  We shall not be found wanting.

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  1. Ambika

    Very true Daddu.. We all know that death is inevitable but coming to terms with losing someone dear to your heart is intense agony.. It leads you to believe that emotional pain can be harder to conquer and soothe when compared to physical pain.. And I’m certain that Amma is watching over us all the time in some way or the other!!