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God Is Benevolent And Omnipresent


Miracles of various hues happen in one's life at various times.  Certain events do happen for which there cannot be any precise or predictable reason.   Miracles are two different kinds -some are made to happen (by sleight of hand) or come down upon us without any warning.  We have seen  clever magicians perform many tricks which the gullible believe to be miracles.  Such miracles keep one in thrall and attribute them to be an act of God no less. The second kind is those that suddenly come upon us without warning.  Such miracles occur when we least expect them some of them leaving  one dazed and helpless.   At those times the hand of God is seen for good or bad.


30th December 2011 was a momentous day for my family.  My wife and children were on a holiday trip to Mysore to pray at the famous Chamundeswari Temple there.  I did not join them due to indisposition and my son-in-law took out his car for what was hoped to be a most enjoyable drive on the newly laid out eight lane road to Mysore from Bangalore. They left early in the hope of avoiding the early rush.  They stopped at a well known restaurant in Channapatna on way to have their breakfast.  Within minutes of leaving the restaurant and well on way to Mysore a great tragedy came upon us.  Our car cruising along the highway at normal speed suddenly confronted  a way ward motorist who took a turn to the right at 90 degrees and was bang in front of us.  With great adroitness my son-in-law took a sharp turn to avoid the car hitting the intruder in front but alas within minutes with neither of them in control our car swerved to one side and was hit on the side at great force.  The car tumbled over a few times with a certain calamity staring upon the inmates.


The miracle then happened with God protecting the family consisting of two young ones ( four and nine years old), my daughter and my wife who were seated at the back with my son-in-law driving. With certain death the only result, as the car turned completely upside down and rolled over several times. It is unbelievable that within minutes all were extricated one by one from the car by good samaritans who appeared from nowhere as if sent by God Himself.  It is indeed a miracle that no one even had a scratch on them and were home in one piece.


Whether you are a believer or not God Almighty is benevolent to those who believe in Him.




  1. Sabeshan

    I certainly agree that it was God’s grace that saved everyone that day. We should all br thankful for the miraculous escape.

  2. Ambika

    Certainly Daddy.. God blesses us with such wonderful miracles which reinforces our faith in him!!! It is definitely a boon to us and we must be ever so thankful to God for bringing everybody out of this experience safe and sound..

  3. Raji

    I still have goosebumps all over me as I read your narrative Daddu.I relived the entire incident again and as you say Daddu,it was really a MIRACLE that day.I would like to quote a few lines from the Bible here,which i feel is apt ( I saw these lines displayed on a signboard outside a Church on my way to Office the very next day after the accident).The lines go like this – He shall cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge,his faithfulness will be your shield -.
    Isn’t this indeed miraculous.I see this the very next day after the incident.Usually i never look that side of the road,when I am driving my bike.I was made to see this,may be that day.