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When the cruel and icy hands of death snatched away our beloved our mother and wife it was the end of the love and friendship of a person not given to be over demonstrative. Such was her closeness to the family that Jaya in her own way loved us all in ample measure.  She was a religious person doing her morning puja though not elaborately but with devotion before commencing her daily chores. Falling ill was rare if at all.  Her prime concern in life appeared to be to look after her children and help and guide them to a disciplined life weaning them away from the pitfalls of a growing up child. She was a source of great moral strength. And she distributed this quality among her children.  By the age of sixty she had discharged all her responsibilities in life and was ready to lead a life of abject surrender to the Lord.  She had no particular ambition in life and talked a lot about living a life of an ascetic and retiring to an ashram to dedicate herself in the service of Lord Guruvayurappa.

But alas it was not to be.   She who would not hurt even a fly wantonly was felled down by fate.  The dreaded cancer attacked her and rendered her hors-de-combat.  In a matter of six months her body was reduced to a skeleton and life departed slowly but surely.  Once life left her body we realized that the body which is made of only earth and ether, fire, water and air will disappear into these elements.   But the soul not being perishable will wander the three worlds for eternity.

Those whom the departed soul left behind will pray for her eternal peace. It is debatable if there is a life after death but those who believe in the transmigration of the soul believe that she will be born again.  And we fondly hope that she will be born again in our family.

We miss her happy and loving presence.


  1. Krishnamurthi Kalidas

    Dear Mani Chithappa,
    Though I did not have the good fortune to meet chithi I had similar image about her as described by you so lovingly.
    May her soul rest in peace and be reborn in your family.
    Keep her memories alive through your writings.

  2. Ambika

    Daddy, that was a perfect, emotion-filled and apt description of Mummy and brought tears to my eyes again.. It certainly is so difficult to come to terms with Amma’s loss but I could almost feel her come to life through your write-up.. I’m sure Amma is always in our midst watching over all of us and will always be with us.. Loads of love to our precious Amma!!!

  3. Supriya

    Brilliant once again, Daddy. Though mummy is not physically present with us in the form that we all know, she will surely be there for us forever. I can feel her close to me all the time and I know that’s how it’s going to be for the rest of my life. We now have to make her proud and live a life that she always dreamed for us.