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Music in my blood


When you talk about Culture you can not leave out Music.  Humanity has been closely aligned to music in all its varied forms from time immemorial. Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence.  Music has existed in various forms from prehistoric times and is thought to be at least 40,000 years old.  India has one of the oldest musical traditions in the world.   References to Indian classical music can be found in the ancient scriptures of the Hindu tradition, the Vedas.

Indian music has mainly three forms of classical music viz Hindusthani, Carnatic and Dhrupad styles as also percussion music such as tala vadhya.  Asian music covers the musical culture of Arabia, Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia and South East Asia, including Chinese classical music and has a history stretching over three thousand years.

Music has long been used to help people to deal with their emotions.Music has an excellent power to expel many diseases and is considered a sovereign remedy against despair and melancholy. It can make a melancholy man merry, a lover more enamoured, a religious man more devout. Many mental illness were treated with music.

Music therapy is used in all its facets, physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic and spiritual to help clients to improve or maintain their health.  Music therapy is used with individuals of all ages and with a variety of conditions including psychiatric disorders, mental problems, medical problems, physical handicaps, sensory impairments, developmental disabilities communication disorders and AGING.

Deaf people can experience music by feeling the vibrations in their body.  Some famous music composers have been deaf and mute from birth or turned so after a few years.

The advent of internet has transformed the experience of music partly through the increased ease of access to music and choice.  Digital storage costs are low and so a company can afford to make its whole inventory available on line giving its customers as much choice as possible. Consumers’ growing awareness of their increased choice results in closer association between listening tastes and social identity.  The advent of YOU TUBE has brought music closer to oneself as one can have a multitude of choices from very old songs and new ones in various languages and media.  YOU TUBE has a large community of amateur and professional musicians who post videos.

I for one has my music listening expanded multifold thanks to YOU TUBE.



  1. Ambika

    That is so true Daddy.. Music has such wondrous powers and can be so inspiring as well.. The different traces of music that we see in India and the world over have an unseen connection between them.. And of course thanks to you tube we can listen to any number of songs old and new alike with a single click of the mouse 🙂 Lovely write-up again!!

  2. Sabeshan

    I remember how you used to be hooked into youtube when you were here! You are right, thanks to youtube and many other online resources, we are able to relish songs that are no longer easily accessed.

  3. Raji

    WOW Daddu, congrats on such a brilliant write up.I can see so much of research has gone into writing the first few paras of this article.Really informative and I completely second your opinion on how Music is a complete mood healer.I would like to quote a few lines from the famous song of the English Classic-The Sound of Music- which I often hum at home – When the sun shines,when the moon sighs,when i am feeling sad,,,,I simply remember my favourite things and then I dont feel so….bad-….