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Music – My Companion of Life

Listening to (or even singing) soulful songs has been a source of great experience for me. Whether it is a sad one or a joyful one does not matter. I can spend hours enjoying beautiful songs rendered in person or through recordings. But my preference is for songs that touch your heart and make you cry. In the long list of songs one that has touched my heart recently is a great song sung by two sisters (am not sure if they are really sisters) that has stood out for its melody and the occasion. Until I heard it for the first time while grieving for my life partner I had not known that a song could move you to tears like it did every time I hear it. It was sung by the singers with no pretensions of fame and following but rendered by them with feelings that suited the occasion with simple lyrics and warmth.

There have been many songs that I have listened to over the years that have moved me deeply by their melodies and words and have stayed in my sub conscious mind for ever. Listening to them again always gives me goose pimples and memories of the days gone by. Thanks to advances in technology I am able to revisit some of the melodies of the era that have gone by and recall the times when I was singing or listening to them. It is impossible to list out the songs that have made a great impression in me in this short write up and leave it to the readers who experience the same feelings as I have when listening to them.

Another experience I have is the association of my loved ones when I heard the lovely tunes for the first time and the joy we shared on such occasions. We continue to share those memories to this day.


  1. Sabeshan

    A moving song indeed. Music has the capacity to arouse emotions in us like no other form of art. It is a deeply personal experience to listen to a piece of music that we can relate to at so many levels!

  2. Ambika

    Definitely Daddy!! Listening to music can be a soulful experience or something that adds joy to a happy occasion.. I can very well reminisce the times we spent listening to this song and looking back and reliving times gone by.. I cannot stop thinking of Amma every single time I listen to this song!