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Nirbhaya And After


NirbhayaIn recent times the nation’s media is being flooded with reports of an increase in incidents of rape and killings of helpless women from every nook of the country.  It also brings out large scale awareness of the educated class, young and old alike to the helpless condition of the women who suffer at the hands of men who take vicious pleasure in inflicting cruelty on the body of their victims after the rape.

The Nirbhaya episode in December 2012 opened the eyes of the whole world to the depth of depravity to which men can descend in inflicting cruelty on the hapless victim. Yet it is only one of such incidents where helpless women and children have suffered at the hands of cruel men over the years.  Many victims pay with their lives and yet many perpetrators roam free as the arm of law rarely if ever punish the culprits.

The so called civil society after showing a lot of bravado move on to yet another incident of such mindless cruelty to make a lot of noise.

It may appear that the scourge of rape is of recent origin but unhappily it is not. It has been with us all the time but has not received the kind of publicity that it is receiving now. One of the main reasons for this upsurge is the craze for publicity that both the print and visual media thrive upon.  Then there is no fear of the law enforcers with a majority of the guilty receiving a very nominal punishment even for taking one’s life. It is easier to get out with a lean punishment which in a majority of cases entail only a nominal imprisonment.

Except in the cases of gang rape and the rape of minors the crime does not unfortunately evoke the kind of reaction which is termed extraordinary.  Unless the punishment is exemplary the crime will remain part and parcel of our life.



    I think the reason why such crimes happen is because of the deadly trio of extremely poor and inefficient law and order system, high illiteracy and the repressive nature of our society. All three need to be fixed before we can expect any kind of progress in our society on this front. Until then, sadly, the women of our country need to arm themselves with some weapon and learn self-defense to protect themselves.


    It is indeed a very sad plight for women in India and not much has changed over the years. Blame it on the lack of education or the pitiable state of law and order in our country these crimes have still not ceased. Hopefully the new NaMo government who are trying to come up with dynamic changes for the betterment of the country, consider this as an issue that requires primary focus and immediate attention and evolve stringent measures to bring this heinous crime to a permanent standstill.