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A Writer’s Musings

I find it extremely hard to concentrate these days.  May be it is due to advancing years.  In my younger years I would have called it plain laziness.  But now despite an urge to write, it has become quite an effort to put two sentences together and make it readable.  I pride myself that I […]


A Holy Trek to Hell

Parithranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam dharma samsthapanarthayam sambavami yuge yuge.   How true! In this kali yugam the Gods will be angry and will punish all those who commit sins and forget the creator in the pursuit of wealth and worldly pleasures.  Over the years millions of people trek the Himalayas to reach the abode […]


The Inevitable Flow of Life

Way back in 1957 I was a young man with dreams and visions of a grand entry into a life different from what I have been leading thus far. Not surprisingly because I had just entered a new phase in my life, that of a husband and provider.  I had entered into matrimony with great […]


The Scooter and Me

I have always been fascinated by trekking.  My hunger to see new places was satiated when I was young walking long distances. This is not exactly a particular trait in my make-up but have been taken as a hobby when young.   I used to cover long distances on foot for pleasure or work.  This may […]


Power of Prayer – A Misnomer

Prayer is a significant part of one’s religious experience.  Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and many established religions have prayer as an integral part of their practices. Prayers are said to be primarily based on different kinds of worship to propitiate the Supreme Being.   Many practise meditation as a form of prayer while many chant […]



Time was when cosmopolitan Bangalore had more than a hundred cinema halls –some thick carpeted, sprawling and plush, but most in more humble, functional settings.  They had a range of vernacular and English movies –something not common even in metros like Bombay.  The rich diversity of cinema formed an indelible part of our growing up […]


Adieu an Incredible Sportsman

Sachin Tendulkar! What a name to conjure up with! The great Cricketer has decided to hang up his boots on his ODI career. He leaves the scene after a glorious career with achievements no other cricketer can surpass.  The game will be poorer for with his indefatigable dedication and hard work he has scaled new […]


Memories of Another Day

Human beings have many attributes which stand apart from other species.  It is his ability to store past events in his life, happy or sad, in his memory.  Some memories are recalled in graphic detail and others fade as time moves on.  Some memories are etched in your mind forever and remain so till the […]


Fear and Pain

Man is born with a number of infirmities which scourge him in his life. Fear and Pain are the main ones. We are not all immortals. We shed the mortal remains at some stage in life or the other.  The human being consists of soul (Atman) and sariram (Body).  While the soul takes care of […]


Music – My Companion of Life

Listening to (or even singing) soulful songs has been a source of great experience for me. Whether it is a sad one or a joyful one does not matter. I can spend hours enjoying beautiful songs rendered in person or through recordings. But my preference is for songs that touch your heart and make you […]


Saying Adieu to our Beloved

Parting is such sweet sorrow so said the Bard of Avon in his play “Romeo & Juliet-. Not all parting is sweet but is sorrow nevertheless. When one loses his beloved of many years the loss is immense. It takes a long time to heal the wound and live down the agony of separation. It […]



When the cruel and icy hands of death snatched away our beloved our mother and wife it was the end of the love and friendship of a person not given to be over demonstrative. Such was her closeness to the family that Jaya in her own way loved us all in ample measure.  She was […]



Tragedy struck me on the night of Friday the 6thJuly when I bade farewell to Jaya my beloved wife of 34 years. Although the end came expectedly, it drowned us in utter gloom and sorrow. It was the end of a beautiful relationship. Born of a moderately well-to-do family in a remote village in the […]


Acquire and Spread Knowledge

Man in search for perfection is constantly trying to improve his capabilities mental and physical. From his early age he is acquiring more skills and perfecting the same by all means possible. This is done by constant reading and interaction with other human beings in order that he can expand his horizon in different directions. […]


The way to fulfilment of life

I have a small birth mark as small as a mustard seed on my life line on the right palm.  I have keenly observed it in my younger years with trepidation as once a palmist has informed me that it is a sign of death and he told me that my life would end when […]


Cricket’s Latest Icon

Cricket will never see the like of him again. He climbs mountains after mountains, reaches peaks and more peaks yet his hunger is insatiable.  With the records galore in his bag he added one more last week to place himself beyond the reach of any contemporary cricketer now or perhaps for ever. The Pontings, the […]


God Is Benevolent And Omnipresent

Miracles of various hues happen in one's life at various times.  Certain events do happen for which there cannot be any precise or predictable reason.   Miracles are two different kinds -some are made to happen (by sleight of hand) or come down upon us without any warning.  We have seen  clever magicians perform many tricks […]


A New Landmark

From a sleepy little town which is often called Pensioners' Paradise Bangalore (Bengaluru) founded by a local chieftain named Kempegowda has metamorphosised into a big City in just five decades. When I landed in the city in the late Forties the population was just about 50 lakhs.  And in the last five decades it has […]


Evening Years

Most of my friends and close relatives ask me when I talk to them or write to them the oft repeated question:  How are you and how is your health?  Quite innocuous or legitimate. It shows their concern for you. But the query turns rather ominous when you realise that you are in the early […]


Music in my blood

When you talk about Culture you can not leave out Music.  Humanity has been closely aligned to music in all its varied forms from time immemorial. Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence.  Music has existed in various forms from prehistoric times and is thought to be at least 40,000 years […]