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England regained the Ashes, a mythical jar containing  the bails burnt into ashes by a few disappointed Englishmen after England was defeated by the Australians in a test series many moons ago.  The urn is presented to the team that wins a series.  The biennial contest is played on home and away basis between the Australians and the English where greatly rivalry existed.  The Australians who held the Ashes winning the last time when they met each other were squarely beaten this time by two tests to one.  It was a fantastic win for the under dogs.  True the  mighty Australians were until recently the unconquerable ones who ruled the cricket world for years annihilating every country that challenged its might.  Signs were there of their declining prowess when they were being challenged by India, South Africa and now England. The series victory by England recently confirmed that the Australians are slipping and now occupy the fourth position in the world rankings.  How the mighty has fallen! It is an open field now and there is bound to be many even contests in days to come. India has a good chance to reach the summit sooner than expected for we have a balanced team which is promising with an array of brilliant youngsters. 




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  1. Ambika

    Daddy, I remember your explaining the history behind this game to me, while we were watching the Ashes series at home.. Nice write-up..