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The Inevitable Flow of Life

Way back in 1957 I was a young man with dreams and visions of a grand entry into a life different from what I have been leading thus far. Not surprisingly because I had just entered a new phase in my life, that of a husband and provider.  I had entered into matrimony with great expectations of a life of joy mingled with happiness. I also felt a great sense of responsibility which hitherto I had not felt.  I did not realize that this change would also bring in a change in my attitudes and perceptions.  With these thoughts I began my life with a lot of hope to make it good and lasting.

I was married to not only a lovely girl but an affectionate one whom I adored from the minute I laid my eyes on her.  I decided to make her happy in all possible ways and treat her as an apple in my eye. Till then I was not considering to live a life for the sake of another but live only for my own sake with gay abandon. But upon her arrival my attitude changed and I wanted to live only for her.  In due course we started to build our own nest and slowly gathered the tools to run a happy home.  With the children coming in the next few years our house was bursting with all sorts of household articles from my books, clothing for all of us and furniture of all types.  We confronted a lot of difficulties only as and when we decided to move.  This exercise continued when we had to constantly move from place to place upon my transfers in later years.

My family grew as the years rolled on in the course of which my life companion also changed after I tearfully bade farewell to my wife of twenty odd years.  I continued to shower the same love and affection to my new wife.   I spent the next three decades in the happy company of my new family.  I was quite happy and contented spending my retired life in the company of wife and children.  All my children were married in due time and settled in life.

It was at this juncture that tragedy struck us again when my wife passed away and left me orphaned in my old age.  By this time I had given up a family life of my own. In a matter of few months the edifice I had built over the years had crumpled. And I am slowly slipping in to a life of detachment.  Presently my life revolves around my books and my children having given up every other ambition from life.


  1. Ambika

    Nice write-up Daddu.. Building a family and a home is indeed a wonderful experience that you gain over the years combined with the unforgettable memories that are created in the process.. I very well remember the stories that you have narrated about how your journey into building a well-provided home for the family from scratch has led to the accumulation of numerous things over the years.. Each little article in the household has a history of its own.. Your recollections from years gone by makes us delve into the fact that life moves on no matter what..

  2. Sabeshan

    Ambu is right in saying -life must move on no matter what-. As you have titled the post, life flows in an inevitable manner and all happenings happy and sad are part of the flow.

  3. Rajamani

    So sorry to hear about your loss of spouse – second time in your life. Please accept my sincerest condolences, and my appreciation, at your attitude to get on with life, contentedly and in peace.