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I have a small birth mark as small as a mustard seed on my life line on the right palm.  I have keenly observed it in my younger years with trepidation as once a palmist has informed me that it is a sign of death and he told me that my life would end when I reach 60.  There have been a lot of changes in the patterns on my palm over the years but the birth mark remains where it was.  As I was approaching the dreaded dateline I shuddered and spent many sleepless nights anticipating a visit from Yama.

I survived that dateline which passed off without any untoward thing happening.  I have lived a further twenty and odd years presumably hale and healthy.

I have recounted the above incident to prove that death will come to an individual as ordained but surely it will come one day.  In the last few years I have been wondering how it would come and how to prepare for it.  As a first step one should discard all ambitions and desires when one reaches a stage when your body does not respond fully to the demands made on it and instead one should try to lead a detached life.  I have often delved into the mysteries of old age creeping up on one self and the ravages it causes to one's body and mind.  It is something one cannot avoid despite the fact that medical science has advanced beyond one's comprehension.  Pain is part of one's aging process and has to be endured just the same way one experiences pleasure.  If you can do that and adjust to live with pain half the battle is won.

In the final years of our life do not give room for thinking deeply and contemplate how our life has been shaped.  The successes and failures in relative terms are part and parcel of our existence and feeling elated or disappointed is an exercise in futility as once life departs from the body all of us are reduced to mere mud or ash.   Similarly do not grieve over the loss of one's dear and near ones.  It is a part of the cycle of birth and death.  Our sole concern is to live a life without causing any hurt to the people around you and help others to achieve peace within. If you are a believer in miracles pray for a miracle which would cure illnesses your dear and near ones suffer from.

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  1. Balakrishnan G

    Thank You Daddy. I agree with you that the sole concern of our life should be to live a life without causing hurt to the people around us. Detachment that you have talked about is something similar to the vanaprstha ashram taught in our vedas. Probably detachment would reduce the mental agony that travels on the back of attachment. when physical pain starts to become incipient in old age, our forefathers might have tought of detachment to relieve man from mental pain. As death is inevitable so i feel detachment in the old age should become inevitable. You are truly very gracious in your old age, if i may say.