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Will the present religious practices lead one to salvation?


Religion is the fulcrum on which one's life turns from one experience to another.  Great many religious leaders have over centuries attempted to give a direction to man's yearning for spiritual experiences. Man finds through this experience the path for realization of self.  The ultimate self realization is achieved by great souls by renouncing all worldly ties and concentrating on the eternal being  of no form and  figure.  I agree that this is a little abstract and every man or woman cannot undergo such experience by his own efforts.  There are many who have attempted to reach such a state of mind by concentrating on the inner soul which could show the way.  From times immemorial great many souls have reached a state of absolute realization and have shown the path towards achieving the ultimate.

However religion in the present times have fallen into disrespect due to men attempting  to create an aura for themselves and hoodwink the uninitiated  and the unwary.  Over the past several centuries many have founded religions claiming that they have found the real path to achieve the way to God. They preach a set of ways to realize the goal. There are umpteen ways to do so but today it has become an industry where the ultimate aim of such  men and women is to enrich themselves by convincing more and more to look for salvation by following the path shown by the founders of their sect. There is a conflict of principles between followers of different sects and clash of personalities. This ultimately lead to religious fanaticism.

I always believed that religion is not a merchandise and to realize one's true self it is not necessary to follow the path shown by men however eminent they are.  There are umpteen number of practices and rituals to follow but ultimately it is only one's own efforts to eliminate mundane thoughts and concentrate on the inner self that will lead one to eternal life.

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  1. Sriram

    Great blog Daddy.

    This has been the main problem with all world religions and followers. The day each one of us chooses to internalise our religions, chooses not go about wearing it as a badge of honour, chooses not to mock and deride other religions, chooses not to over-react to attacks based on faith or lack thereof, chooses to live and let live, the world will become a better place. While it may never have been the intention of religion to incite distrust and violence, the blame for all of this surely remains primarily with each and every world religion today. If you think about it, there have been only three motivations for every conflict in this world – wealth, land and religion. While conflights over wealth and land are less prevalent today, there will continue to be wars over idealogy and religion, as long as people believe one religion and -way of life- is better than the other.